19-year-old Stephen Sutton is becoming England’s new celebrity. But above all because his fight against cancer is an example of courage. See the article here

He is the youngest entrepreneur of the world

His name is Vanis Buckholz, he is from California and he is 11 years old. And he is the youngest entrepreneur of the world. For four years, thanks to his business My Recycler, he has been recycling waste to help homeless people.

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See Vanis Buckholz’s address on you tube on January 22nd, 2013

Vanis Buckholz’s address in ppt

My Recycler’s site

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The School of the Air

Since World War II, Autralia has established a unique kind of school: the School of the Air, a technological vision of school to help children scattered on the huge Autralian territory to have access to teaching and knowledge. The students used radio frequencies and now the satellite to attend their courses.

Consult the Australian gouvernment site about the School of the Air

Consult the School of the Air site