A view from the Oscars: Sir Sidney Poitier

His life is a true American success. It started on February 20th, 1927 when his parents from Bahamas came to Florida and…Sidney Poitier was born! He became the first Black American Oscar winner and participated in the March on Washington with Martin Luther King in 1963! And since he is, thanks to his parents, a British citizen, he was knighted by the Queen. In 1997, Sir Sidney Poitier became ambassador of the Bahamas to Japan. In 2009, President Barack Obama awarded him the Presidential Medal Of Freedom, the USA’s highest civilian honour.

Sidney Poitier’s biography

Guess who’s coming to dinner trailer

In the Heat of the Night

Lilies of the Field trailer

Caribbean Writers

Time for the site to pay tribute to the English Caribbean Writers!

  Derek Walcott, born in Saint Lucia, Literature Nobel Prize

  Sir VS Naipaul, born in Trinidad and Tobago 

George Lamming, born in Barbados

Jamaica Kincaid, born in Antigua

Rabamai Espinet, born in Trinidad and Tobago

Neil Bissoundath, born in Trinidad and Tobago

Edwige Danticat, born in Haiti 

Joanne Gail Johnson, born in Trinidad and Tobago

Nous nous sommes trouvés

Une exposition consacrée à Aimé Césaire, Pablo Picasso et Wilfredo Lam se tient actuellement à l’habitation Clément du 8 décembre 2013 au 16 février 2014. Courez voir ce qui unit ces trois géants!

Pour en savoir plus, copiez-collez ce lien: http://www.fondation-clement.org/martinique/266_cesaire-lam-picasso dans votre navigateur

Bahamas Junkanoo and 40th anniversary of Independence

December is the period of the Bahamas junkanoo. Junkanoo is a big street parade taking place in many Bahamian towns every boxing day (december 26th), New Year’s day. The biggest parade takes place in Nassau, the Bahamas capital. It will get special dimension for the 40th anniversary of the Bahamas Independence this year.

December programme of Junkanoo

December 6th – 7th: Junkanoo showdown / Category B groups

Thursday December 19th: Jr Junkanoo Parade (New Providence)

Wednesday December 25th: Sr. Junkanoo Parade (New Providence)

Wednesday December 25th: Sr Junkanoo Parade (Eleuthera)

Thursday December 26th: 40th anniversary National Junkanoo Parade

Martinique Jazz Festival 2013

From November 30th to December 8th, Martinique Jazz Festival is the great occasion to meet artists from the Caribbean, from Europe, from the USA, in French, English and Spanish languages. .

The programme is available on: http://martinique.coconews.com/agenda-martinique/culture/martinique-jazz-festival-2013.html