Highland Games

Témoignages des élèves de 504 sur la journée Highland Games du 23 05 24

L. Johzué

On Thursday, the 23rd of May from 11 to 12PM, we were at the stadium.

First, we did the Sack Race.

Then, we did the Tug of war

After, we did the relays

Finally, we finished with the Shot put.

In the end, Noah’s team won. I definitely enjoyed doing the games because it was funny.

H. Jade

The teachers organised different competitions (Tug of War, Stone Put, Sack Race…..)

Team number 1 won against Team number 2.

I didn’t like losing but I had a good time.

M. Mathys

From 11 AM to 12 PM, we did the Highland Games with different competitions : Sack Race, Relays, Tug of War and Shot Put.

It was really great because there were lots of different activities.

I would like to do these great activities again with the same teachers, M Boulch, Mrs Valdor and Mrs Jean-Baptiste.

Ps : The winning team was Noah’s.

P. Anthony

We did four competitions : The Tug of War, the Shot Put, the Sack race and the relays.

Shot Put : the goal of the game is to throw a stone as far as possible.

Sack race : the goal of the game is to jump in the bag as fast as possible

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